The BOK Hall – Budapest Olympic Centre – is one of the largest sport and event centers of the country, where more than 120 events await visitors every year. A lot of local and world-famous musicians have visited the vast halls. In addition to concerts, BOK also gives place to professional exhibitions and sporting events. In the past few years this had been the venue for the ITTF World Tour – Hungarian Open. Thanks to the modern equipment, full catering services and parking spaces, BOK is a handy multi-function space.


The building, which opened on 1 September 2006 has 3 halls: Hall ‘A’ is 8000 m², Hall ‘B’ is 5200 m², Hall ‘C’ is 2800 m². With the so-called Round hall the whole Veteran European Championships is going to be organized within one complex. The hall is serviced by a very nearby stop on the Budapest Underground.

Address: 1146 Budapest, Dózsa György str 1.