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I welcome,
with great respect and happiness all the participants and guests of the
European Veterans Championships to Budapest!

It is a
great honour to host this event after the successful 2019 Liebherr World Table
Tennis Championships!

Budapest, more than 3400 players and a few hundred accompanying people will be
present and also do not forget the umpires and officials.

people bring their families, which means, that there will be more than 4000
people associated with this championship.

There will
be time for more than just watching the competition. Budapest has a great
variety of attractions to offer. There many interesting players to keep an eye
on and lots of merited former top players. Who will be next European veteran
Champion? Well, there are 48 gold medals to compete for.

We wish
that all our guests would feel like home in Hungary, after the EVC they would
leave with memories for a lifetime. With my colleagues, but I can declare that
the whole Hungarian table tennis community will work on every day of the
competition to achieve this.

I wish
everyone a wonderful veteran championships, unforgettable matches, so a sports
experience in Budapest, that lasts for a lifetime!



Table Tennis Association

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Welcome to the European Veterans Championships 2019!

Dear Table Tennis Friends,

On behalf of the European Table Tennis Union it is my great honour and
pleasure to welcome all players, coaches, officials, umpires, equipment and
other sponsors and spectators to the 2019 European Veterans Championships in
Budapest, Hungary.

This is a very well visited event with most of the entries among
European Championships and even if the number of entries is limited to 3000,
the interest is much higher.

The Hungarian Table Tennis Association deserves our great respect and
support for taking up this challenge, so shortly after having hosted the
LIEBHERR 2019 Table Tennis World Championships in the same beautiful city.

Beside the quantity also the quality is secured as at the 134 tables
many geniuses from all over Europe will be seen, among them the World Champions
of the last Hungarian golden era Istvan JONYER, Tibor KLAMPAR and Gabor GERGELY
as well as the 9 times European Champion Csilla BATORFI. In the host team the
name of Béla FRANK has to be mentioned too, who is the winner of the last two
European Veterans Championships and became World Champion last summer in Las
Vegas in the 60-65 years category.

Traditionally most of the entries arrived from Germany, but top number
of Czech and Swedish players will show their skills too. The Hungarian Table
Tennis Association is an experienced host of World and European title events;
also the city of Budapest has been the home of many international contests before.
including the LIEBHERR European Championships in 2016.

As President of the European Table Tennis Union it is my honour to welcome all athletes, umpires, sponsors, media representatives and other guests to this impressive event.

I am convinced that the organisers have done their utmost in preparing superb
playing conditions and providing a most pleasant and amicable atmosphere for
all participants.

I wish good luck and success to all!



European Table Tennis Union