Reached the expanded number of players 3100

The expanded registration number of the 2019 European Veterans Championships in Budapest is full.

As we have reported, there is a huge interest in the next year’s European Championship. Initially, the maximum number of entrants was 3,000, but the organizers eventually expanded it to 3100. At the available space and on the tables that can be placed there, the continental championship cannot be arranged with more players.

Those who were not watchful and slipped out of the first 3,100 candidates could only rely on luck. From now on, only from the waiting list can be entered, and over 120 players were on the waiting list on the 18th of December.

Hungarian excellence such as Csilla Bátorfi, Krisztina Tóth, Mária Fazekas, Gábor Gergely, István Jónyer or Tibor Klampár entered for the tournament. The 2019 European Veterans Championships will be held in Budapest BOK Hall from 29 June to 6 July.