Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Requested Information


The purpose of this site is to gather the information necessary to organize the European Veterans Championships 2019. For this purpose we ask users to provide name, sex, and country of the participants. In addition we ask for the birthday of players.

This information will only be used to organize and conduct a tournament. Access to that data is restricted to people involved in the organization. We will publish a list of participating players with their name, country and the entered events.

You may enter email or phone number for players, but you are not obliged to do so. We treat these data strictly confidentially and will use them solely for purposes related to the tournament like sending an email when a player is requested as a double partner or sending an SMS with match information during the tournament. You can always edit the registration of players to remove email address or phone number.

The organizer may decide to out-source some aspects of the tournament to third parties. These will have to adhere to the same privacy policy and will be allowed to use the data for the sole purpose of the task to which they are commissioned.

No data will be given to third parties not involved in the organization of this tournament.


From users, that is the people who use the system to enter participants, we ask for for the data as we need for the invoice like name, address, email, etc.

If users choose to pay with credit card we will redirect them to a contracted payment provider which will handle the financial aspects. The payment provider will provide as with transaction data like an id to identify the transaction, but the credit card number will not be processed in this system.


This site makes use of Cookies which allow the system to identify you as a logged in user. The cookies will be deleted after you close your browser windows. No other cookies are used by this system.

Log Files

The system will log your IP address together with date and time and the requested page in a server log file. We will use the data to ensure the stability of the system. Data is deleted after 14 days automatically.

Your Rights

You have the right free of charge for disclosure, correction, and, if no longer needed and further storage is not required by law, deletion of your data.


If you have any questions please contact the webmaster at or the organizers

Contacts for the competition;
Customer service number:  +36 94 514 680