Want to be part of a the team to stage the biggest table tennis tournament in history?

Great events start with great volunteers – and EVC2019 is looking to recruit YOU to help us stage the biggest table tennis tournament ever! If you are over 18 years old or above 14 (with parental consent) and you want to play a key role in this amazing event!

Contact one of our Volunteer Coordinators today to get involved!

or fill out or application form here

Please note that due to the large number of players expected to participate, volunteers will not be able to play in the tournament!

Volunteer Progam Objectives

EVC2018 seeks to find a dedicated and committed group of volunteers to assist our professional team with every aspect of running a world-class table tennis tournament in Budapest. With over 3,000 players and guests coming from around the world, we want to show off “Hungarian hospitality,” rolling out the red carpet and ensuring that every participant, guest, official, VIP, sponsor.

Areas of Assistance

EVC2018 is seeking volunteers to assist in the following areas:

  • Field of play (table managers, scorekeepers, and other related activities)
  • Data entry
  • Tournament operations
  • Hospitality
  • Accreditation and Administration
  • Events
  • Transportation
  • Translators
  • General Assistance

Volunteers will mostly be working at the BOK Hall, although some off-site work may be necessary.

The “Volunteer Commitment” – A Mutual Relationship

The EVC Organizing Committee asks our volunteers to commit to the following standards:

  • Act in a professional manner
  • Hold yourself and those around you responsible for providing the highest standards of care to our guests
  • Exercise good judgment with the understanding that you are a representative of the event
  • Do not accept any compensation other than what is provided to you by the organizing committee
  • Respect your co-workers and those around you
  • Actively participate in all required training activities
  • Have fun!

EVC 2019 is committed with the volunteer to:

  • Provide the proper training and guidance for all job responsibilities
  • Encourage their active participation in the event
  • Provide a safe and welcoming environment for volunteers
  • Reasonably compensate volunteers for the costs arising from their activity
  • Provide the necessary tools and materials for volunteers to properly execute their responsibilities
  • Provide an accreditation badge and proper uniform identifying his/her status as a volunteer
  • Be treated with respect, recognizing the value of his/her contribution


Do I have to play table tennis to volunteer?
No, although some positions may require an understanding of the game.

What is the most important quality to being a great volunteer?
A passion for helping others with the understanding that many of the participants have never been to the United States and we want to welcome them with a warm smile and open arms!

Are there any special skills I need?
No, just a passion for helping people and for being an integral part of a great event! We are looking for people with technology, data entry, and translation skills – so please let us know if you have any expertise in those areas.

Do I need to be able to speak multiple languages?
No, but if you do speak more than one language, that is great!

What is the minimum time requirement for a volunteer?
While there is no set minimum time requirement, given the amount of training involved we are requesting that volunteers commit to a minimum of five days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday). Each shift will last 8 hours.