Will Béla Frank defend his title?

Hungarians are usually represented with a good number of them, and they also take home a lot of medals. For example, Béla Frank won the last two European Championships in the age 60-65 and was also the first in Las Vegas. We asked him about his goal at the Hungarian Veteran European Championships.

„Before the world champs, I said that I have no chance there, but I will not say that anymore. Nor will I win, but after that, I do not consider myself an odd one” Frank said after the Las Vegas success.

Here you are the history of the past EVCs



Strong German dominance, Sweden and Russia follow

From 29 June to 6 July, you could hear many German words, as one-third of the entries have come from Germany! The Swedes and the Russians are among the top 3 nations too in veteran world competition under the roof of the BOK Hall, the place of the Hungarian ITTF Seamaster World Tour events. The main difference between the WT and the veteran Europeans is the number of tables. You will be able to play on 120 tables comparing to the World Tour’s 24.

World Tour showcourt table at the same place

In the 2018 World Veterans Championship, besides the many participants, the venue, Las Vegas, has also boosted the mood. Budapest can offer fewer casinos, but there is no shortage in sight. You can find riverboat trip on the Danube or visiting Lake Balaton among the organised programs for the participants.



The number of entrants has already exceeded 2,000!

Register for only €150 instead of €240 until 15th December!

It is advised to register as soon as possible for the 2019 European Veterans Table Tennis Championships in Budapest for several reasons.
After the World Tour Hungarian Open in January and the World Championships in April, the European Veterans Championships in summer will be the third big table tennis event in 2019 in Budapest, Hungary.

2,000 players registered

Welcome Andreas Seidler the 2,000th registered player. In table tennis the competitions for veterans gather the most significant number of participants, this is the case with the European Championships too, so it is necessary to maximize the number of competitors. Up to 3,000 players can participate in the European Championships in Budapest, and the number of entrants has already exceeded 2,000!

Besides that, it is also worthwhile to submit entries as soon as possible, as the later they will do so, the higher the entry fee will be. For example, until December 15, only 150 euros will be paid, which will be 240 euros at the final stage.