Price of Admission

We hereby inform you that the price of the daily admission for the audience will be 10 Euro/day. Tickets will be available at the venue.

Ezúton tájékoztatjuk az érdeklődőket, hogy a napi belépőjegy ára a nézők részére 3500,- Ft lesz. Jegyet a helyszínen lehet majd vásárolni. A hazai versenyengedéllyel rendelkezők kedvezményes áron, 1000,- Ft/nap áron látogathatják az eseményt.


Schedule Overview

We are pleased to publish the overview of the match schedule!

Please note that every player must present at the accreditation before Monday 1st of July 10.00 to participate in the doubles. Players who are not accredited before this deadline will automatically be canceled from doubles according to the rules and regulations of EVC.

The start times for all double groups as well as the start times for all KO matches in singles and doubles are preliminary and might be subject of changes.

For the schedule please click here: ScheduleOverview-20190604


Record number of players expected

The organizer of the EVC2019 could involve an extra hall to the Championship which made possible to increase the maximum number of players to 3500! This means an absolute record in the history of European Veteran Championships!

By this time more than 350 players registered to the waiting list, who should received the proforma invoice today. These players are in ‘pending’ status until they pay the registration fee (deadline is 20th of March). If anyone register afterwards will goes automatically to the waiting list until there will be any place due to cancellations.

EVC Organizing Team



Hungarian Traditional Gala Dinner-Date changed

Celebrate the competition with people with passion for table tennis while enjoying the Hungarian traditions on the 03/07 only for 65,- Eur/Person! Please note that the date has been changed from Thursday to Wednesday, so every player will have chance to joint to this exceptional program.

You can register for the program here: